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What Dr. Cheryl Mathieuís clients and families are saying:


Dear Cheryl, You have not only been the person to counsel, advise, coordinate and locate resources, you are to a great degree responsible for my present sanity. Without your help in the care of my parents and counseling of me, I truly donít know what I would have done. But, with your help my parents are happy and healthy in their own home. And, I have the freedom to make the best out of a difficult situation. I know the future will present many challenges and issues for their care. I take great comfort in knowing that you will be there to help.


Ben P.

Cheryl, You have been a lifesaver for me and have helped me to believe that everything that could be done was done. Without your assistance, I would not have been able to keep all those balls in the air. I will not hesitate to ask for your assistance when I need help in the future and will send you an email down the road to let you know how we are doing. If you ever need a reference, donít hesitate
to ask. So, again, thanks for you help and prayers. I can honestly say I look forward to paying your bill. Itís rare that I feel I got such great benefit for the cost. All the best to you!

Victor R.

Cheryl, Words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you do for my mother. You are an amazing person who has helped to restore my faith in humanity. After a number of years of banging our heads against the wall you have made life so much nicer. Thank you for being loving, caring, and tough when you need to. I am eternally grateful for everything you do to make the lives of my mother and brother richer and more fulfilling. Your gentle spirit has touched my familyís life and brought peace to my soul. With deepest gratitude for all you do,

Laurel S.

Wow...Cheryl I am totally speechless! You have done so much for our family and I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed us with your kindness. I seriously donít even know how we could have ever handled all this without you. Thanks sooo much for all your help. Your support, help, and compassion have seen our family thru some of the darkest moments in our lives. Thank you very much for being with us during the most difficult times. You really are the best!

Michele L.

Thanks, Cheryl. Youíve been a great help. I couldnít have gotten through this by myself without your help. With all the bad luck Iíve had, you are one of the good things to happen to me.
Thanks again.

R. Palmer

When my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Cheryl was a great support to me and my family. Throughout his lengthy illness, while we were adjusting to the realities of the diagnosis, Cheryl was there, creating innovative ways to make my dad more comfortable and assisting him in maintaining his independence for as long as possible. She even went so far as to video record my dad as he told stories of his life. Those tapes have become priceless family heirlooms for us.

Cheryl listens beyond the words and thinks outside the box. She helped to deepen and enrich our experience, while allowing my dad to maintain his dignity and sense of purpose to the very end. It was a real blessing to be so supported and uplifted during this sacred time.

Karen C.

You are a magician! I cannot express how much I appreciate everything you have done and how much reassurance you have provided to everyone involved, not least of all, me. I am so grateful for your involvement! Many, many thanks.

Mary C.A.

Cheryl Ė Mother saved this stationery for decades to be used for special thank you notes. I can think of no better use than to say ďthank youĒ on her behalf for the patient and understanding care that you gave her. Mother was very clear in her desire to live out her life in her own home. You made fulfilling that wish possible. Your skill, your kindness, and your wisdom made her life comfortable and secure. I too express my deepest gratitude. When I first met you, I was overwhelmed by the problems of arranging for motherís care while living in another city. You made it possible for me to spend time with mom that was focused on connecting with her, unclouded by worries about her care management. Your care for mother was deeply reassuring for me. It allowed me to sleep at night without fretting about motherís situation, knowing that you would look after her and protect her. Thank you so much for all that you gave mother.

Love, John. K.

Cheryl, I wish to acknowledge the magnitude of the project you undertook to improve the quality of my life. I was living in a dirty and decrepit mobile home without the energy or physical ability to improve the situation. While I was hospitalized for two months, you proposed a plan to downsize, pack, and store my belongings; remove the old structure; replace it with a new one; and reinstall my belongings so that I simply had to walk in and resume my life.

I cannot tell you how much I was impressed by such an offer, which was beyond anything I would have expected from my closest friends. Even more impressive was the efficiency with which you managed the project, which entailed extensive research, negotiating the purchase of the trailer, overseeing that its design was modified to meet my physical needs, arranging temporary living arrangements and care for me when there was a gap between my hospitalization and installation of the new home, and acting as my general agent in the many related matters. At all times during this undertaking you kept me informed and carried out any wishes I had with great precision.

I am, by nature, not someone who relies often or easily on others yet, at all times, I was comfortable with your capable, professional handling of the great variety of tasks entailed in this project. Neither am I given to gushy overstatement but I can honestly say that, when I walked into my new home and saw it for the first time, it was one of few defining moments in my life; I realized that I had a worthwhile future still ahead of me.

You have changed my life at a level which simply cannot be repaid. I remain forever indebted to you.

Kent W., Lake Forest

Thank you so much for the care you offer our family. Your joy and presence are priceless.

M. Tan

Dear Cheryl, I donít know if I can convey how much your support and our conversations meant to me while Mom was under hospice care. You had a way of lifting my spirits, giving me insights, and helping me to let go. And letting go was not just of Mom, but of other things that helped the rest of the family be a part of the end of Momís life. I recognize how valuable your job is. I send you my love.

B.L., Long Beach

(written to the friend who referred him) The information you shared is more than golden, it's platinum! We've made contact and engaged, she's great. Thanks for sharing this pearl. We will continue to "pay it forward" as able.

D. C.

Cheryl, we are looking forward very much to your helping my mother-in-law, having added our family to your list of fans after your kindness and magic with my father. Thank you again for being such a great resource--and comfort.

Walter D.

(After working with his mother-in-law) It is not hard to refer people to you - your kindness, creativity and resourcefulness with ďSallyĒ have restored much to her life (and her whole family's!)

Walter D.

Cheryl, I can never thank you enough for all your help along the way. It means the world to my mom and me. Thanks for getting her to the next level.

If you allow Cheryl to take the reigns of your senior health care solutions, she will quickly and efficiently assess the needs of the client and family, and will simply provide the best viable solutions without question. It provides invaluable peace of mind knowing that the best player is at bat for you all the time, and you can sleep well knowing there are no solutions better than hers.

Phillip S.

Thank you for everything you did for my husband during the final weeks of his life. Our family will never forget you.

Roberta R.

Thank you so much Dr. Cheryl, you have been amazing. Since you started working with Grandma, she has really been in a place I havenít seen her in a long time. She has a great sense of ease. I really appreciate it, so thank you.

Jamie S.

Cheryl helps me feel like I AM somebody, like I am valuable. She is truly a friend. One of the best things that has happened to me is Cheryl coming into my life. I canít thank her enough. She is not only my care manager, but now is my friend. She means the world to me. I made her promise that when I pass away, she will be the one to come comfort my wife and kiss me goodbye.

W. Sanders

Cheryl, I will never forget the smile on Billís face when you two were sitting on the porch, as the wind blew across his face. He trusted you like no one else, and you kept your every word to him. I am comforted knowing I can always call on you. Thank you.

M. Sanders

Dear Cheryl, It is almost five months since by beloved David went to be with the Lord. I could not have endured his five final months without your incredible support. If I ever have need of an advocate, you will be the person I will call!

Through you, I experienced patience, expertise in dealing with his emotional ups and downs in facing death, and encouraging my husband to do the things that needed to be done and taken care of. In every way you sought to make him comfortable, whether it was obtaining a bed table or a commode, you made it happen. When his eyesight began to fail, you personally obtained and wired additional lighting. If there was somewhere he wanted to go, you made certain he got there, if it was at all possible. Your hours of quiet listening and helping Dave focus on the most important things that remained to be done were invaluable. He truly depended upon you for things he would not ask me to do for him. You helped Dave keep his mind and senses keen through intelligent conversation and appropriate mental stimulation.

There is no way to express my gratitude for the way you walked us through this valley. I have no doubt that your greatest gifts are in dealing with seniors.

Additionally, I have observed the manner in which you are serving as advocate for our friend Kent. Your tireless hours to help him return to a safe environment, and regular trips to the hospital to visit him are amazing! I can tell that you love being of service to others. Your quiet manner and excellent judgment help to make you an outstanding advocate.

Once again, thank you! You are loved.

C. Ryan Long Beach

What Dr. Mathieuís colleagues are saying:

Cheryl is a remarkable woman who is driven to improve the quality of lives of those she comes in contact with. She is kind, intelligent, and sensitive.

H. Coakley, PsyD, MSW

Cheryl has a capacity to share her time, resources, and information with others that goes beyond what is typically found.

S. Estrada, MSW

Cheryl exemplifies all the qualities of a leader, is well respected by her peers, and naturally assumes the role as mentor.

T. Cleveland, DSW

I have been impressed with Cherylís advocacy of Geriatric Social Work. There are few others who would make the same effort as Cheryl has for the benefit of others. She is also a great source of encouragement.

K. Gustavson, MSW

Cheryl has earned the respect of her fellow social workers as a leader in her field. She is highly talented, resourceful, and hard-working.

K. Valles, MSW

Cheryl is an excellent leader; one with ideas, vision, and drive.

T. Crieghton, BSW

I have witnessed many of the invaluable contributions Cheryl has made on behalf of others towards the betterment of society. She exemplifies leadership and compassion.

I. Resendez, MSW

Cheryl is motivated and others are motivated by her skills and enthusiasm. She has touched many people in different community settings and made a real difference in the community. Her work is excellent and demonstrates high ethical values.

N. Carter, M.F.T., M.A.

Cherylís enthusiasm for assisting others in finding ways to improve the quality of their lives comes through in her ability to effectively encourage, motivate, and support those with whom she interacts. Her values are solidly humane Ė and she walks her talk.

J. Jenkins, L.C.S.W.


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