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Care Manager Certified


Care Management Services

Our professional care managers are seasoned professional who can help both individuals and their families negotiate the confusing and often frightening terrain of seniors' living choices. Their experience and training allow them to quickly and thoroughly assess each situation and to recommend the best possible solutions to provide the greatest dignity and independence possible for her clients. A primary concern is that family members keep their roles as loved ones, rather than turning them into "keepers" burdened with a health system they lack the time and energy to effectively negotiate. Families acquire peace-of-mind knowing that a professional is supervising their loved one’s well being, as they would if they were able.

Services include:

• Assessment and care planning
• Consulting and referrals
• On-going, monthly, Care Management services


• Assessing the elder’s needs, abilities, and resources
• Identifying client’s strength’s and limitations
• Identifying problems and presenting solutions
• Serving as liaison between family and providers
• Identifying appropriate quality services
• Evaluating care providers and services
• Providing information and referrals
• Reviewing insurance, medical, and financial matters
• Identifying alternative living options
• Identifying eligibility for assistance and community services

Assessment areas:

● Behavioral changes
● Financial concerns
● Psychological needs
● Cognitive functioning
● Housing concerns
● Caregiving concerns
● Medical concerns
● Home safety
● Caregiver and family stress
● Durable power of attorney

After discussing and evaluating the current situation and listening to your goals for the future, we will create a personalized, holistic plan of care that will meet the needs and/or desires of both the client and the family. If ongoing assistance is necessary, we will help you implement it. Offering a full range of support needed to remain living comfortably and safely in the home or another location.


When older adults and families need support on an on-going basis, the care manager is an advocate who provides oversight, coordination, and support for the older adult(s) and family to:

• Locate and manage hired home care / caregivers
• Liaison with medical professionals
• Enhance confidence and independence
• Locate needed medical services
• Coordinate and attend physician visits and interpret results to family
• Liaison to families at a distance
• Visit the elder and monitoring the care of your loved one
• Provide consumer education, negotiation, and advocacy
• Provide counseling and psychosocial support
• Assist with home repairs and maintenance
• Assist with relocation, when necessary
• Educate elders and their families so informed decisions can be made
• Offer on-call assistance to the elder and family whenever crises occur

● Provide home visits to support and monitor the effectiveness of the present care plan.
● Assist in finding alternative living arrangements
● Locate needed medical services
● Provide information and referral
● Liaison with families at a distance, overseeing care and keeping families informed
● Provide consumer education, negotiation, and advocacy
● Assess programs that support family caregivers
● Negotiate and manage home maintenance
● Create attainable goals and support action towards realizing them

● Improve communication and relationship among family members
● Design effective interventions that improve family decision-making
● Support completion of unresolved matters

● Support older adults to engage in enjoyable activities
● Provide support systems

● Facilitate positive life completion
● Provide support for coping with end-of-life issues
● Support in the implications of facing one’s own mortality


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